Abundance Reality Shift Program

What do Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio and Sir Richard Branson have in common?

They ALL attribute their success to having a coach

Certified Law of Attraction Coach Who Suffered From Two Heart Surgeries, Severe Depression, and Imminent Bankruptcy Reveals The Money-Multiplying Secret He Used to MORE THAN 20X his Monthly Income from $948 to now WELL OVER $20,000 per Month

"I know that I look quite young but I'm actually in my 30s and I have over a decade of experience as a certified coach and hypnotist"

It was New Year’s Eve.

I had just crashed my parents car and I had no idea if I would have the money to pay for the damage I caused.

I had $428 in my bank account.

Back then I spent New Year's Eve crying in my damaged car...

Here's a picture before the damage was done

...wishing I was dead.

What about New Year's Eve 2023?

I went to a luxurious restaurant with my wonderful girlfriend.

Then we took a walk at the beach to watch the fireworks before we went back to my beachfront condominium that has an incredible pool and a fully equipped gym...

...something I was only able to dream of 3 years ago.

In fact, 3 years ago I didn't even have the money for a gym membership.

Living in an apartment complex that has a gym AND a pool was not even in my reality.

Today it is my reality.

And I have to be honest with you.

I fall in love with the reality I created for myself over and over again every day.

I love my life.

Or maybe I should better say: I love the life that I've created for myself.

  • I didn't create it by working hard every day and stressing myself out.
  • I didn't create it by struggling and trying to force outcomes.
  • I didn't have to sacrifice anything.

In fact, my change had absolutely NOTHING to do with hard work, struggle, and sacrifice or to say it in another way...

...my life didn't change because I did what we are all conditioned to do and believe. 

  • It's not a coincidence that I went from being completely broke to now having several hundred thousand dollars in my various bank accounts.
  • It's not a coincidence that I now have multiple thriving businesses whereas before I wasn't even able to succeed with one business.
  • It's also not a coincidence that I now make more money than ever before while working less hours than somebody with a part-time job. 

Here are just three of my bank accounts to give you a taste of the Money Manifestation Superpowers that are hidden deep inside of you...

“If you can create poverty, you can create wealth!”

Thanks to studying and mastering the Law of Attraction, I attract so much wealth that I now always fly business class which has been one of my manifestation goals when I first embarked on this wonderful journey of manifesting abundance.

And yes, it's true.

I work about 4 to 5 hours every day.

Why not more?

Because I don't have to and I don't want to.

If you are truly abundant you can make large sums of money with minimal effort in the physical realm.

As a long-term listener of the Affirmation to Manifestation Podcast you might have heard me say the following sentence:

"One hour of play in the spiritual realm is more powerful than 100 hours of work in the physical realm."

I know that I go against everything you've heard from so-called motivational gurus or business coaches.

They try to sell you the old paradigm of...

  • work hard!
  • sacrifice and suffer!
  • destroy your health for more wealth!

I don't believe in their paradigm anymore.

In fact, I'm the living proof that this is an outdated way of living life and desperately trying to achieve things.

The reason why I now live a life of abundance, financial freedom, and complete financial abundance is because of a shift.

I experienced a reality shift.

This reality shift allowed me to see what was once hidden under a fog of social and cultural conditioning.

I realized that...

  • Everything I thought I knew about money, creating wealth, and achieving financial milestones was wrong.
  • Money is energy and if you can learn to control the path of energy you can control money.
  • Abundance is more than an empty word. You can embody it. You can become it.

This journey of self-discovery inspired me to share my experiences, insights, and my unique approach to manifesting with the world.

I'm incredibly honored to say that my words have guided, helped and inspired millions: 

Now I want to work with YOU One-on-One to manifest YOUR dreams into reality.

I'm an accredited coach and I would be honored if you gave me the chance to help you to EMBODY and BECOME financial abundance:

And as a certified Cognitive Behavioral coach I can help you to turn your limiting beliefs and emotions about money into positive thoughts and emotions about money, which will allow you to raise your vibration until you reach the frequency of money:

And as a certified Law of Attraction coach I can help you to manifest more money than you could possibly imagine:

Are you ready to shift your reality from scarcity to abundance?

Are you ready to manifest large sums of money with ease?

Are you ready to become a master of your income and your destiny?

Then the...

Abundance Reality Shift Program

...will be an experience you will benefit from for years and decades to come.

This exclusive 8-week coaching program will allow you to master what so many of my now now abundant coaching clients struggled with before they started working with me:


That's it.

To put it in very simple words:

If you want to manifest more money, this coaching program is the best investment you can possibly make for yourself.

Now you might be asking yourself:

Who is this exclusive coaching program for?

  • You are an aspiring entrepreneur and you feel stuck at your current level of income and you just can't figure out how to make more money.
  • You might even be an already established entrepreneur and your online business, social media channel, agency, real estate business or any other business you might be in is not providing you with the financial freedom you want and deserve.
  • You are a corporate professional who wants to get so good at manifesting money that you can easily attract a higher paying job or the opportunity for a profitable six-figure business.

At least one of the following sentences describe you and your current situation:

  • You want nothing more than to be financially free and to do whatever you want whenever you want.
  • You are working hard, hustling and grinding (doing things matter to matter) but you just can't seem to get ahead and you are still not making the amount of money each month that would provide you with a feeling of safety and security. 
  • Your goal of being financially independent and maybe even retiring early seems to be unattainable and you sometimes doubt whether or not you will ever experience this blissful freedom.
  • You are familiar with the law of attraction and the law of assumption but you haven't figured out yet how to apply these universal laws to attract large sums of money.

Well...this is about to change.

In fact, your life is about to change.

But in order for that to happen your reality has to shift.

Are you ready for this shift towards pure, blissful and joyful abundance?

Then have a look at what you'll learn, practice and master during the next 8 weeks (This 8-Week Coaching Program consists of 8 private One-on-One 60-Minute Coaching Sessions):


  • We examine your current relationship and your past relationship with money because it holds the key to changing your future.
  • I show you how to eliminate your money ceiling which can make it 10x easier for you to manifest large sums of money faster than ever before.
  • We dissect every belief you have about money or the lack of money that is currently stopping you from manifesting the amounts of money that you want to manifest.
  • I reveal easy to use exercises that allow you to feel worthy of receiving money and that can work as the catalyst for you to get out of your scarcity mindset and into an abundance mindset.
  • We create new empowering beliefs that are absolutely essential for you if you ever want to achieve the financial freedom and financial Independence that you dream of.


  • We install the new empowering beliefs about money that we've created together deep into your subconscious mind.
  • I help you to create money-attracting affirmations and show you how to use them in a way that make the more powerful and more effective than any affirmation you might have used in the past.
  • We identify money blocks that might be based on past trauma that stop you from manifesting the wealth that you truly deserve and we eradicate these blocks from your subconscious mind.
  • You learn to communicate with your subconscious mind in a way that makes it so easy and effortless for you to think and to feel like a wealthy and abundant person.
  • I give you a taste of what it feels like when your subconscious mind fully embraces the idea and that financial abundance and large sums of money are your birthright.

WEEK 3: Create Your Millionaire Video Game Character in Your Abundant VR Headset

  • I reveal Method Acting Secrets that some of Hollywood's Top-Paid Actors use to not only capture your attention on the screen but to manifest their million-dollar dream lives (You can easily use them for YOUR abundant dreams).
  • You learn techniques to truly embody the abundance, wealth, and luxury you want to create by designing your future self with what I call the "Video Game Character" Technique in combination with the "Abundant VR Headset" Reality Creation Process
  • You fully and completely go through the Abundance Identity Shift that is absolutely necessary if  you ever want to manifest the level of success and wealth you truly desire (This identity shift changes your paradigm and your life).
  • We create different Wealth Archetypes that effortlessly lead you to the abundant future you've always dreamed of and that you learn to access at any time via "Frame Jumping". (Once you master this principle it is almost impossible to go back to lack and scarcity...I say ALMOST because from then on it's your CHOICE to be wealthy or poor). 
  • You completely shift your reality by shifting your identity into a new potential in the quantum field (and a whole new timeline) which we will achieve by bringing your mind, your heart, your body and your behavior in energetic alignment with the Potential of Your Abundant Self


  • You learn to understand the true power and the unlimited potential of your heart as a tool to create wealth out of nothing.
  • I show you how to activate different energy centers in your body and how you can use your heart as the center of your abundance creation.
  • We practice guiding and directing this energy in a way that allows you to reach the frequencies of financial freedom and financial abundance 10x faster and easier.
  • You learn to define and to tune into different frequencies that all have a different purpose in the game of money creation.
  • We practice magnetic money techniques that make it so much easier for you to reach these frequencies on a consistent basis to shorten the period between your intention and the physical manifestation of wealth.


  • We practice a truly powerful way of writing down your new story about abundance that I used to manifest several $100,000 in a relatively short period of time.
  • I share special money multiplying visualization techniques with you that I've never shared on my podcast, YouTube channel or in any of my programs.
  • We breathe life into the picture of your future so that you can not only see it but also believe in it...which means that you are ready to receive it.
  • You learn how to involve all your senses in the process of creating mental pictures that seem so real that eventually they can become your reality.
  • I show you simple yet powerful manifestation techniques that allow you to manifest EXACTLY what you want on your joyful journey towards financial abundance.

WEEK 6: Create and Embrace Your Abundant Dream Life in the Vortex

  • We allow your subconscious mind to fully embrace your abundant dream life during a powerful life-changing hypnosis.
  • You learn to make your subconscious mind believe that you are already living in a reality in which the wealth you want is yours which draws the experience to you.
  • I help you to reach a brainwave state in which you can experience the pictures of your wealthy future more intensely than ever before.
  • You program your subconscious mind into believing in the abundant life you want by "Priming it for Abundance" and if you believe it you will receive it. 
  • I use a powerful "Image Flow" Hypnosis Technique that allows you to let go of doubt, fear and resistance while simultaneously embracing the unknown which leads you to your desired manifestation.


  • You discover how to easily create the emotions that lead you to financial abundance without any external stimuli, even if you were trapped in an emotional state of lack and scarcity for decades.
  • I make it as easy as possible for you to feel yourself into your abundant state of the wish fulfilled by showing you exactly what I do to reach the vibration of money every day.
  • I reveal techniques and mindsets that allow you to reach a state of gratitude for your past and current level of abundance which is absolutely vital if you ever intend to change your current reality.
  • We practice reaching emotional states that naturally attract money into your life by using admittedly strange but highly effective emotional play techniques that I've never shared on my podcast.
  • You will become so good at reaching abundance emotions that your physical reality has to match this emotional state by drawing more money into your life.

WEEK 8: Recondition Your Soul to the Emotions That Lead to Abundance

  • We give your heart numerous opportunities to feel the emotions of your abundant future by allowing you to tap into them during a powerful "Emotion Creation" Hypnosis.
  • I gently guide you into experiencing the positive emotions and the new frequencies that you MUST reach in order to attract large sums of money.
  • We practice letting go of all the old emotions that might have held you back in the past from manifesting wealth while we replace them deep in your subconscious mind with the emotions that a truly wealthy and fulfilled person would feel. 
  • I guide you through a process called "Emotional State Shifting" which allows you to feel yourself into the emotions of wealth, riches and abundance whenever you want and wherever you are.
  • You learn to fully immerse yourself into the process of feeling Powerful Sub Emotions that inevitably lead you to the frequency of abundance.


During the 8 weeks of this Abundance Reality Shift Program, you also get unlimited WhatsApp mentoring and messaging support from me because I will do everything in my power to help you to succeed at overcoming your limiting beliefs about money and to reach the frequency of abundance. 

The moment you join this transformational 8-Week Coaching Program, you get immediate access to my private WhatsApp number. Whenever you feel like giving up or whenever you feel overwhelmed, I'm here for you and ready to motivate you, inspire you, and remind you that a life of financial abundance is waiting for you. 


For each amazing deliberate creator who joins the 8-Week Abundance Reality Shift Coaching Program, I donate 10% of the coaching fee to AMURTEL Romania, which is a charity close to my heart. The mission of AMURTEL Romania is to offer opportunity, hope and support to disadvantaged children and youth at risk of social exclusion. All of the children that come into the care at AMURTEL Family have survived neglect, trauma, abuse or tragic loss They are in need of a safe, loving home. I myself sponsor children who are living at the AMURTEL Family Home. I know Didi Denise, the president of AMURTEL NGO, and we talk on a regular basis. She's an amazing woman, spiritually connected and full of love. You can find out more about AMURTEL Romania on their website and by watching the following video: 

By joining the Abundance Reality Shift Coaching Program, you are investing in yourself, in your abilities to manifest abundance AND in the future of these wonderful children. 

P.S. I'm more than happy to send you proof that I donate 10% of the coaching fee because it's important for me to be as transparent with you as I can possibly be.

Are you ready for this transformative 8-week adventure that can lead you to more financial abundance and financial freedom than you could possibly imagine?

Incredible human beings and deliberate crators like you have already experienced profound changes and reality shifts during their coaching journey with me:

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Now you have to make a decision.

You can continue to struggle, sacrifice and suffer.

Or you can say "yes!" to the opportunity to effortlessly and easily manifest large sums of money by saying "yes!" to the...

Abundance Reality Shift Program

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