Biggest Challenge in 2020: Raise Your Vibration

10x Your Vibration in 10 Minutes While Doing Absolutely Nothing

From: The Desk of Sebastian Soul

To: Deliberate Creator

We are on the verge of a global depression.

The unemployment rate is at an all-time high.

Millions of people are suffering from anxiety and depression.

In other words:

This is the worst time in the history of mankind to manifest your dreams because raising your vibration is SO HARD…almost IMPOSSIBLE.

But you want to manifest money, love, health, happiness and abundance.

That’s why it’s so important that you raise your vibration!

And if you want to experience an instant manifestation boost WITHOUT writing affirmations, WITHOUT starting a journal and WITHOUT any effort, this is the most important letter you will ever read.

Now let me take you back to 2019...

My world came crashing down.

I was ready to jump.

Finally! My suffering was about to end!

The balcony I was standing on was so tiny that one wrong move was enough to set me free.

Free from the guilt I felt for destroying a promising relationship with my insatiable ego.

Free from the self-hate and self-pity I felt whenever I looked into the mirror and saw all these scars on a way too skinny body.

Free from the shame of barely being able to afford a flight from Bangkok, Thailand to Frankfurt, Germany...just to move back in with my an adult.

Yes, Bangkok...that's where I was at that moment...on a tiny balcony on the 21st floor.

"The 21st floor can seem quite high when you're standing on a tiny balcony in the pitch black night."

  • My relationship? Destroyed!
  • My business? Failed!
  • My money? Gone!

My spirit? Broken!

  • I just wanted to jump.
  • I just wanted to end it all.
  • I just wanted to stop feeling like a a disappointment.

"Please God, if you exist, tell can I stop this suffering? Please make me stop feeling these emotions! Numb my pain! Please!"

It was a pitch black night and nobody could hear my screams.

To be honest, I don't even remember if I screamed out loud, if I sobbed these words or if I cursed God in my mind while crying my eyes out.

The only thing I remember is this feeling.

The suffering was unbearable.

Little did I know that, while sobbing and crying, I had accidentally stumbled upon the secret that allowed me to turn my life around.

Fast forward to today...

  • I have multiple businesses that provide me with thousands of dollars every month.
  • I meditate 2 hours every day and work only 6 hours...which allowed me to triple my income.
  • I love myself, I love my life and I love being a deliberate creator.

And I am happy. Yes, I am truly happy.

How was this transformation possible?

What's my secret?


Do you remember how I screamed "please make me stop feeling these emotions"?

This sentence contains THE SECRET.

"Stop feeling these emotions!"

That's all you have to do.

The ONLY thing you have to do to manifest thousands of dollars, a loving relationship and a phenomenal life is to...

  1. 1
    Stop feeling negative emotions
  2. 2
    Start feeling positive emotions

Why do you think Abraham Hicks always says "joy is the key"?

Because it really is the key!

Positive emotions lead to amazing manifestations.

Negative emotions, on the other hand, lead to terrible experiences, broken dreams and immense suffering.

While I was standing on this tiny balcony on the 21st floor of my apartment complex in Bangkok I asked a force OUTSIDE of myself to change my emotional state.

  • Now that I have achieved financial freedom...
  • Now that I fully and completely accept and love myself...
  • Now that I have the power to manifest whatever I want...

Now I know that the key to changing our emotional state, the key to end our suffering, the key to manifest our dreams is to use the force INSIDE of ourselves.

I say "we" because I have this power and YOU have this power too.

You already hold the key in your hand!

You just have to unlock the door!

Our parents, our teachers, and our society conditioned us to believe that we need external stimulation to feel good.

Leading psychologists convinced us that negative emotions are normal states of human consciousness.

That's the world we live in!

Don't you also think that it's time to break free from the chains that are holding us back from manifesting our dreams?

Actually, I should have said...

Don't you also think that it's time to break free from the chains that are holding YOU back from manifesting YOUR dreams?

I've already broken free from these chains by consciously raising my vibration.

The results?

  • A true love for myself and life.
  • Inner peace and pure bliss.
  • Incredible business and personal relationships.
  • More money than I could possibly spend.

And there's ONLY ONE simple thing I do every morning that has allowed me to live the incredible life I'm living.

I raised my vibration.

That's it! That's the secret!

Forget about affirmations, forget about journaling, and forget about vision boards!

Nobody has time to spend 2 hours creating the perfect vision board...which doesn't even change your emotional state.

But I know with 100% certainty that you have 10 minutes to raise your vibration.

Everybody has 10 minutes.

That's all the time you need. And it gets even better...

You don't have to do anything.

Your vibration will rise automatically, effortlessly, and yes...magically.

Just listen to the Vibration Rocket Meditation ONCE and your vibration will rise.

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

You don't even have to invest 10 minutes every day...

...even though I'm confident that you will use this meditation every day because it will make you feel powerful, invincible, and joyful.

I promise you that you will feel better after you've listened to this meditation ONLY ONCE.

Now please ask yourself: 

  • Do you want to manifest more money?
  • Do you want to manifest a loving relationship?
  • Or do you want to manifest health and happiness? 

No matter what you want to manifest...

Feeling better is the key to manifesting your dreams.

And the Vibration Rocket Meditation will make you feel joyful, grateful, blessed, and truly happy... 

Vibration Rocket

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

How can I be so sure that listening to this powerful meditation ONCE can already have a profound impact on your vibration?

I'm so certain because I designed this meditation with...

  • A quite unusual visualization technique that immediately allows you to see the future you want to create for yourself more vividly than you have ever before (This allows you to create the emotions that are necessary to raise your vibration while visualizing).
  • The empowering Replication Realization Principle that allows you to raise your vibration every day without any effort and without changing anything about your day (WARNING: Not knowing about this powerful law of attraction principle can keep you stuck at a low vibrational frequency for the rest of your life).
  • A ridiculously simple body language adjustment that you can easily perform during the meditation (This adjustment allows you to instantly create vibration-raising endorphins in your body).
  • The word pattern that allows you to fully let go and to experience your full potential as a deliberate creator in the generous present moment (These simple words already raise your vibration AND your level of confidence in yourself and your ability to manifest your dream life). 
  • An admittedly weird (but scientifically-proven) visualization technique that tricks your heart into experiencing the emotions of gratitude and abundance (You don’t even have to see anything during your visualization, which makes it even easier).
  • The mysterious “anti-logic” Key Principle that allows you to create feelings of joy, bliss, and pure happiness within milliseconds (WARNING: This powerful technique only works if you answer the questions I ask you during the meditation truthfully).
  • The five-word Future Pacing Questioning Technique that allows you to become a vibrational match to the frequency of whatever you want to manifest (No matter if you want to manifest money, happiness, health, or love…your vibration will be a match to your desire). 

This is the power of...

Vibration Rocket

Duration: 10 Minutes

But now you might be asking yourself:

"Sebastian, why can't I just listen to my favorite song, dance, and watch a comedy movie?"

Well, you can.

And I don't deny that this will raise your vibration at least a little bit.

But if you want to experience a real, powerful and especially lasting vibration boost, you have to access your subconscious mind.

Accessing your subconscious mind is the only way to 10x your vibration and to manifest anything, anyone and any experience you want.

The Vibration Rocket Meditation allows you to do exactly that.

And hey...I meditate 2 hours every day.

All I'm asking you to do is to lay down or sit down ONCE for 10 minutes.

  1. 1
    Press Play.
  2. 2
    Relax and close your eyes.
  3. 3
    Listen to the 10-minute meditation.

If you are not ready to invest 10 minutes to change your life, to be happy, and to become a powerful deliberate creator...

...then you should NOT invest in the Vibration Rocket...

...even though I give you such a generous exclusive discount that your investment is LESS than $10.

And you can even test the Vibration Rocket program for 30-days completely risk-free.

…I want you to take absolutely NO RISK and I want you to be 100% SATISFIED with your investment.

That’s why you get a No Questions Asked 30-Day Money Back Guarantee:

money back

30 day Guarantee

Risk free

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with Vibration Rocket, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just shoot me an email at sebastian @ and I will give you all your money questions asked. 


You just have to listen to this powerful 10-minute meditation ONCE to instantly raise your vibration.

And you get even more value for less than the price of 2 Big Mac Menus because...

I give you some incredible bonuses that you get for FREE if you decide to invest in the Vibration Rocket program TODAY.

Here are the amazing bonuses you'll get when you order TODAY:

Bonus #1:

55 Affirmations to Raise Your Vibration (6 Minutes / 8 Pages)

These powerful vibration-raising affirmations are based on...

  • The Adventure-Seeking Principle that your subconscious mind is craving but your conscious mind currently blocking (After using this affirmation for a couple of days your subconscious mind will be free).
  • An incredibly effective way to shift your focus from depression, anxiety, and fear to a state of blissful abundance (WARNING: This affirmation might trigger you a bit).
  • The Stairs-to-Ladder Image that allows you to raise your vibration in the morning AND to raise your vibration again in the evening (You don’t even have to say the affirmation again. Reminding yourself of the image is enough).
  • A clever Subconscious Mind-Altering technique that tricks your brain into believing that your vibration is already high RIGHT NOW (This is the Vibration Activator you need to cause a long-lasting positive change).
  • The Worthiness Activator that makes you feel worthy of wealth, health, and happiness (Your subconscious mind will accept this powerful new belief, even if you might have felt unworthy before using this affirmation).
  • An incredibly simple reminder that allows you to instantly shift from a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset (This mindset change will make you feel empowered and invincible). 
  • The Freedom of Choice Principle that 99% of people are not even aware of (Less than 10% of people who believe in the Law of Attraction use this powerful principle).

…these were just 7 examples of the 55 Affirmations you’ll receive if you order TODAY.


Bonus #2: Trauma Transformation Audio Course (65 Minutes)  

In this transformative audio course you discover…

  • The #1 biggest misconception that 9/10 deliberate creators have about trauma and how to heal it (Overcoming your trauma and raising your vibration is ONLY possible if you let go of this ONE terrible misconception).
  • How to use different Self-Love Techniques to not only heal your trauma but to also manifest a future for yourself in which you no longer remember your traumatic experiences.
  • Why relying on your motivation to overcome trauma is a TERRIBLE IDEA and what to do instead (Tony Robbins Documentary I’m Not Your Guru provided me with this simple realization and I know that it will change your life).
  • The absolutely WORST mistake that people who have suffered from traumatic experiences make (WARNING: You are making this mistake every day because it feels so good).
  • The incredible secret to making peace with your past (This secret allows you to move on. Unfortunately, 99% of people do NOT do it).
  • A powerful and quite controversial Trauma Release Technique that is used by leading psychologists and that I used to overcome my trauma (This technique allows you to rescue your young traumatized self and free it from the negative emotions of the past).
  • The admittedly weird and VERY controversial process of accessing your stuck negative emotions and freeing yourself of these emotions once and for all.
  • An incredibly effective technique for relief of anxiety, relief of pain, and trauma healing that was developed in the 1990s (Counselors are charging on average $150 per session. I show you how you can easily do it yourself).  
  • The ONE thing you absolutely have to avoid unless you want to be tormented by your trauma and stuck at a low vibrational frequency for the rest of your life.
  • The major Trauma-Healing Advantage that bodybuilders and professional athletes have (I show you how to gain the same advantage WITHOUT becoming a professional athlete).
  • A very humbling but highly effective way to deal with your trauma that allows you to deepen and strengthen your relationship with your loved ones.
  • A very simple Healing Meditation that only takes between 1-3 minutes (This meditation leads to a state of wholeness). 
  • The incredibly RISKY decision that so many traumatized people make that ALMOST always backfires (Follow the advice I share in tip #11 to make sure that you don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position).
  • The widely popular psychological technique that is used by therapists all over the world when they work with trauma clients (This technique helps you to respond to challenging situations in an effective and empowering way).
  • Why You absolutely must have this ONE quality if you want to heal your trauma (Most people don’t have it. Do you?)
  • The more you do THIS ONE THING, the worse you feel about yourself (Let’s break this self-destructive daily habit once and for all).
  • The #1 mistake so many people make (I’m sure one of your family members does it too) that keeps you stuck in a vicious cycle of self-pity (WARNING: Change is IMPOSSIBLE unless you become aware of this).
  • The Past-Future-Cycle realization you MUST make if you want to heal your trauma (Without this realization you will NEVER be able to raise your vibration and manifest your dream life).
  • A secret backdoor way to observe your negative emotions as a third-person observer and LAUGH at them (I met a retired psychotherapist in Bangkok who shared this admittedly crazy but incredibly powerful technique with me).
  • How I experienced the ultimate proof that my traumatic emotions were THE BEST thing that ever happened to me (I show you how YOU can make the same experience).
  • The ONE question you must ask yourself if you want to realize your full potential as a deliberate creator while effortlessly healing your trauma.
  • The LAST and maybe the most important step you have to take on your journey towards a happy, fulfilled, and abundant life (WARNING: This can be an emotional process but healing your trauma is the inevitable result).  

...because your trauma is almost always the reason why you are stuck at a low vibration.


Bonus #3: 

Vibrational Reality Shift (10 Minutes)  

This vibration-raising rampage of appreciation includes…

  • The Powerful Embedded Inner Being Command that allows you to instantly activate positive emotions and forget about past negative experiences.
  • An Emotional Experience Chain that guides you towards a feeling of joy, bliss, and appreciation (You don’t have to do ANYTHING to reach these emotional states. Just listen).
  • The unusual Meditative Presence Awareness Technique that helps you to see and to fulfill your true potential as a deliberate creator.
  • The most effortless way to put yourself in a state of trance that spiritually empower your subconscious mind to accept your new natural state of joy (This state is the key to your successful manifestations).
  • The Manifestation With Ease Principle that makes you feel adored, admired, blessed and grateful within seconds of listening to this Rampage of Appreciation (Listening to it ONCE can be enough to sustain this emotional state).
  • A word pattern that allows you to feel free of any negative emotions (WARNING: This can be a highly emotional experience, especially when it’s the first time that you experience this freedom).
  • The Powerful Future Self Insight principle that allows you to replace your old story of lack with a new story of abundance (Once you made this internal shift, manifesting money will be so easy).


Special COVID Bonus:

Immune System Booster Audio Course (25 Minutes)

  • The one natural supplement I take every day to boost my immune system that has been successfully used as treatment for Ebola and HIV (Confirmed by several scientific studies).
  • What you absolutely must STOP doing RIGHT NOW unless you want to suffer from premature death from cardiovascular disease or lung, stomach, and pancreatic cancer.
  • Why you do NOT want to eat a certain type of fats and why you should NEVER skip the other type of fats if you want to have a healthy immune system (I reveal the exact type and subtype).
  • A 28-day study with 152 people infected with rhinovirus discovered that there is one supplement that instantly improves your immune response (You find it in advice #13).
  • The popular food you consume every day that leads to kidney stones and doubles your risk of heart disease (Don’t eat it unless you want to weaken your immune system even more).
  • Why washing your hands in the wrong way is the worst mistake you could possibly make if you want to avoid catching the virus.
  • How to trick your mind into believing that your immune system is stronger than it actually is (And how this simple mind trick actually improves your immune system).
  • The real reason why most people will suffer horrendously from the virus (You can prevent it so easily by throwing this one item out of your fridge).
  • The only two vitamins you MUST consume on a daily basis if you want to improve your immune system dramatically within 14 days.
  • The one thing I KNOW you are doing on the weekend that leads to an increase of cortisol and to a suppressed immune function in your body (almost every man AND every woman makes this mistake).

Yes, it’s true. You get instant access to all of this…

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

You get ALL OF THIS for just...

I know this sounds completely crazy but for the small investment of just $10 you get...

  • Vibration Rocket Meditation (Valued at $79.99) 
  • Bonus #1 Part 1: 55 Affirmations to Raise Your Vibration Audio Program (Valued at $29.99)
  • Bonus #1 Part 2: 55 Affirmations to Raise Your Vibration PDF (Valued at $29.99)
  • Bonus #2: Trauma Transformation Audio Course (Valued at $69.99)
  • Bonus #3: Vibrational Reality Shift Audio Program (Valued at $39.99)
  • Special COVID Bonus: Immune System Booster Audio Course (Valued at $69.99)

That's $319.94 Worth of Products!

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But before you click on the ADD TO CART button below, I have to warn you:

  • Do NOT invest in the Vibration Rocket program if you are so cheap that you are not willing to invest the small amount of $10 on an easy and effective way to raise your vibration and manifest your dreams.
  • Do NOT invest in the Vibration Rocket if you have already manifested millions and you are already living your dream life because this means that you already benefit from a high vibration.
  • Do NOT invest in the Vibration Rocket course if you rather stay stuck in anger, frustration and depression instead of experiencing joy, bliss and happiness.

No offense, but if that’s your attitude, don’t waste your time.


If you have not yet manifested wealth, health, love, happiness and abundance...

...Then investing the small amount of just $10 in the Vibration Rocket program will be the best (and maybe even smallest) investment of your life.

"You will look back a few days from now and call this the best investment you ever made…"

How can I be so sure?

Because my podcast has already changed hundreds of lives...

And this program takes your power as a deliberate creator to the next level.

Just have a look at what these amazing deliberate creators have achieved by simply raising their vibration...

Here's what Tamara from the USA has to say about her experience with the Vibration Rocket program:

Here's what Katherine from Australia has to say about her experience with the Vibration Rocket program:

Click the ADD TO CART button to get instant access to The Vibration Rocket Program + 3 FREE Bonuses + Special Bonus (worth $319.94) for a one-time payment of...





"You Save $46 Today!"

P.S. Add to cart NOW because I will NEVER offer the Vibration Rocket Program for less than today!


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